My name is Lia, I am 28, am specialized in tantric massages and teach yoga, too. My priority is creating harmonious relations with my clients. Feelings of communion, trust and intimation are natural thing. I love long massages during which I can sufficiently devote to you and thus create a sufficient space for removing the accumulated tension, blocks and life stress. The basis of my tantric massage is a mystery touch, bringing about a deep relaxation which can help us to reach the desired positive transformation and the whole-body orgasm. It is a combination of touches, massage of the whole body, skin on skin, body on body. If you wish a part of this can be a massage of the lingam/yoni, by means of a touch and acupressure.
During the massage you can get rid of the problems in your head and allow to yourself your deep connection with yourself and your body.
In case we wake up the sense energy, it will not be empty but it will be employed in such a way that you will feel deeply loved, healed and in peace, feel the long-term pleasure, connection and reborn.

Professional relaxation and sport massages
Tantra therapist
Yoga instructor





„In our studio you´ll forget the world around you.“